Kristen Kane – Lash Artist

Start your career in Lash Artistry the right way and invest in excellent quality training!


I’m Kristen

Kristen Kane has been a Lash Artist since 2016, and has trained a multidude of Lash Artists over the years! She is still currently providing Lash Artistry services, keeping her up to date on all the latest trends and products and continues to perfect her craft for her Clients and future Students! Train with Kristen and lock in life long support along your Lash Artistry journey!

Our Courses

*All Students must be a either a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician in order to take Lash Courses. Temporary licenses post graduation of Cosmetology or Esthetics school are permitted.*

Beginner Classic Lash Course $800

*No prior lash experience prerequisites necessary*

1 day, 8 hour course with a 1/2 hour lunch break

Lunch is provided

Beginner Volume Lash Course $1000

*Must be Classic Lash Certified and able to comfortably perform Classic Lash Extensions on Clients.*

1 day, 9 hour course with a 1/2 hour lunch break

Lunch is provided

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What To Expect

Take Home Kit

You’ll receive a take home kit which is utilized in the course and that kit includes a practice mannequin and all materials needed to lash both the mannequin and real live models. You’ll also receive a lash course manual, and a certificate of completion!


Models are chosen by Kristen and each model signs a waiver form prior to course day. In the form, Models are made aware they are having newbie Lash Artists as their Technicians and are informed of proper prep leading up to course day. They are also prompted to be patient and be realistic with their expectations in regards to quality of work.

Be Prepared

This course is a lot of hands on work. Two live models are provided and you get about 2 1/2 hours on each model. Come to your course rested, hydrated and ready to learn! Due to the tediousness of Lash Artistry, Kristen believes in her courses centralizing around developing muscle memory and eye focus with constant hands on instruction.

Good Environment

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kristen’s Luxury Lash & Brow bar while training with Kristen and start your journey towards a fulfilling, & financially successful career!

If you’ve been Lash Certified, and still in need of some guidance, this is the perfect opportunity to get that!

This 3 hour Mentorship session is $100 and includes 1 hour of 1 on 1 training with Kristen on a live model. The additional 2 hours is spent Lashing the model on your own. Once you’ve completed your Full Set, Kristen will check and critique your work, providing you with recommendations to help improve your work going forward.


– Must be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician and Lash Certified through an in-person training.

– Must choose one style of Lashing for the Mentorship session.

– You can bring your own Model or we can help you find one.

– Must have your own tweezers. Products can be provided for an additional $25.

– Must carry Liability Insurance

– Cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to Mentorship sessions.

– Other terms and conditions may be applied.

Once you are both Classic and Volume certified, you are invited to Lashing Out Studio for a 1 day internship allowing you to observe the flow of a busy Lash Studio. Ask questions, take notes and dive in to this industry in the most involved and productive way possible!

Internships must be scheduled privately, they can not be booked online. To schedule your internship after being both Classic & Volume certified, please reach out to Kristen by email, or call the studio at 845-604-1847

If you have any questions regarding Kristen’s Lash courses, Mentorships or Internships please reach out by Email!

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