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If you’re new to the Lash extension world, or an experienced Lash Client, or maybe a Client somewhere in between, Lashing Out Studio can accommodate all Lash styles and provide comfort and reliability while doing so. Our Lash Techs are all professionally trained and licensed and use top-quality products resulting in beautiful Lashes that look and feel amazing! Our Lash Beds are cushioned and heated, the music is on point and the atmosphere is light and airy.

Laser Hair Removal

Our Splendor X Laser, introduced by Lumenis, a global leader in laser and energy-based technologies allows customizable hair removal across an infinite spectrum of skin tones like never before!

Another perk to being a Lashing Out Studio Client is we provide the luxury of a one-stop shop Beauty Bar. Want to get a Spray Tan after your Lashes? Maybe add a Brow Wax? Hey, want your Teeth Whitened? Need your Makeup done for an event? Oh, did we mention we have a Skincare Spa, Level Aesthetics, offering Facials & Medical grade Skincare Treatments with more to come!

All in all, we have an ever-growing list of services we provide at The Studio, and the team would love nothing more than to get you up and running with services that are going to have you looking and feeling your best!

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Other Services

Microbladed Brows

Powder Brows

Combo Brows

Brow Wax & Tint

Brow Lamination

Yumi Lash Lifts & Tints

Weekend Lashes

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Brazilian Wax

Make Up

Spray Tanning

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Foreign Fill

We have a service called a “Foreign Fill,” and we have a Foreign Fill option for all styles of Lash Extensions.

If you get Classic Lash Extensions currently, and you’re booking an appointment 2 weeks after your last fill, you will need to book a “2 Week Foreign Classic Lash Fill.” Our Foreign Fill appointments include extra time as a precaution, resulting in $15 more than our usual fill prices. If the quality of the work is up to our standards and if we feel comfortable, we will fill your Lash Extensions!

If we feel the quality of work is poor, and we’re not comfortable proceeding with a fill, we will suggest removal and schedule you for a Full Set within a week or so depending on schedules and the quality of your natural lashes. If removal is done, the cost of the removal will remain at the price of the original appointment.

You can schedule a removal and a full set online to avoid the potential of going through the process mentioned above.

You can come in for a quick Lash Consult which will take 5 minutes or so, and one of our professionals will advise you as to which option above would best suit you.

Lashing Out

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do Lash Extensions hurt and are they damaging to my natural lashes?

Lash Extensions should not be painful during the application process and they most certainly should not cause any pain afterward. When done correctly, meaning all Extensions are individually placed and isolated properly, your natural lashes will be able to grow and shed naturally, without any tugging, knotting, sticking, or premature shedding. We are very diligent in applying appropriate extension lengths and weight onto our Client’s natural lashes. This is extremely important in maintaining the health of your natural lashes however there are other factors involved. The process of how the extensions are applied is also a key factor as mentioned before. Before applying an extension, we isolate an individual natural lash to prevent your extensions from being applied to multiple natural lashes. When extensions are glued to multiple natural lashes, your natural lashes are unable to grow and shed normally.

What is the process of Lash Extensions?

A client will start off with a Full Set of Lashes. This process is anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the Lash look of your choice, your eyes are closed the entire time, you’re laying on a cushioned and heated bed and will most likely fall asleep throughout the process considering its very relaxing. After your Full Set, your Technician will provide you with a Lash Care form going over all the ins and outs of Lash Extensions. Following your Full Set, you’ll want to book a Fill appointment or two, and that appointment time varies from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Fill appointments involve gently removing extensions that have grown out, and are replaced with new extensions. We then go in and apply more extensions on new natural lashes that have grown in since your last appointment.

How do I know if I’m allergic to Lash Extensions?

So typically, Clients never show signs of an allergy to Lash Extensions after their first time getting Extensions. An allergy develops over time, however, that time period varies amongst Clients. Sometimes a Client will develop an allergy after just a few Lash appointments, while others may take months or even years to develop an allergy. If you’re getting Lash Extensions done every two weeks, and if after one of your appointments, you experience some slight swelling itching, and discomfort, this is most likely the start of an allergy and you should contact your Lash Technician immediately to troubleshoot with you. In some cases, it could be an irritation, but in most cases, this is a sign of an allergy developing and unfortunately, the allergic reaction will most likely be more severe after your next lash extension appointment.

I have an event coming up and I want to get Lash Extensions done. When should I get them done?

So, that’s kind of up to you. We could do your Extensions a few days prior to your event if you’re comfortable and know exactly what Lash Look you have in mind. If you don’t have a particular Lash look in mind, and are more open to suggestions from your Technician, we could still do the Full Set days prior to your event but if you’re a little uneasy and unsure of what you want exactly, and would like to get used to them before your event, we could do a Full set about 2-3 weeks before your Event, and then a Fill appointment which will take place a few days before your event. We could even do a Full set, and then 2 fills before your Event if that makes you more comfortable. The advantage of having more fill appointments take place before your event is you and the Technician will have the ability to make more adjustments to the shape, style, and density say you’re unsure of exactly what you want. You’ll also have a little more time to get used to having Lash Extensions on your eyes.

Can I choose how natural or dramatic I want my Lashes? Am I able to change my mind if I decide I want them more or less dramatic after having them done?

We have the ability to accommodate every Lash Client and their Lash goals! If you prefer your Lash Extensions to look more natural we can absolutely execute that Lash look. If you’re a Client on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and want full drama, we can execute that Lash look as well and everything in between the two. If you decide at any point you want to switch up your Lash style, just let your Lash Technician know at the beginning of your appointment and your Technician can adjust the length, density, and map of your lashes accordingly! You’re never stuck to one Lash look, however, it may take a fill or two to fully make the transfer depending on the situation.

What are Lash Extensions made out of?

Lash Extensions are made of synthetic fibers, meaning they are in other words plastic. Synthetic Lash Extensions are made of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon. The fibers are put through various chemical processes to give them a specific look, feel, color, and styling capability and they can be made in all different colors and textures. The days of using Mink Lash Extensions are no longer a thing considering the industry heavily frowns upon using animals for the production of any beauty products. Using animal hair fibers, such as Mink, also does not provide the longevity and durability that Synthetic Lash Extensions provides. Mink Lash Extensions lose their curl a lot faster and also cause a lot more allergies than Synthetic Lash Extensions. Lash Extensions industry has done a wonderful job of creating Extensions that replicate the look and feel of real Mink Lash Extensions, so there’s no need to even bother searching for Mink Extensions at this point.

Can I get my Lash Extensions wet?

YES! In fact, we advise Clients to wash their Lashes 2-3 times a week with a Brush and Lash Bath product we sell at the studio. After your appointment, we go over the process of cleaning the Extensions in detail so you’re comfortable and informed on how to take care of them and set them up for lash success! By not getting your Extensions wet and washing them, your Extensions will house all sorts of debris and dead skin. This could lead to your Extensions falling off quicker, your natural lashes not growing in healthy and strong and it could potentially lead to more serious issues such as severe discomfort from infection.

What happens if I have to use the bathroom during my Lash Extensions appointment?

t’s totally fine! Your eyes aren’t tapped shut to the point where you can’t open them if needed. If you have to use the restroom while having your Lash Extensions done, do not hesitate to let your Technician know. She will stop what she’s doing, fan your eyes for a little bit to prevent the fumes from bothering your eyes, and then guide you to the restroom.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to have Lash Extensions anymore?

You can do one of two things. You can discontinue getting fills and let your Extensions fall off over time, or you can come in for removal which takes about 20 minutes. The process is painless and costs $35.

Christina Dennison
Christina Dennison
Danielle restored my lashes after damage to my real lashes from prior extensions. She cared about the health of my real lashes and taught me how to care and clean my lash extensions properly with a lash bath. Absolutely loved my experience with her! Found my lash home!
Skyla Midnyte
Skyla Midnyte
Always a Great experience
Marie Barry
Marie Barry
The entire staff at Lashing Out is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Everyone is super kind as well. I love going for my facials! Also, have spray tanned there and was very satisfied with my results!
M-P Amendolare
M-P Amendolare
Went for a HydraFacial to see what all the hype was about and I’ll definitely be back for another one. I’m a typical guy with dry skin from being outside in the cold and I have black heads on my nose. The hydrafacial took care of all of that. I like that Lashing Out Studio makes into an actual facial and not just treatment considering the price is higher than a normal facial. It was actually relaxing and I’m glad I went.
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan
Second facial my mom and I had there and let me tell you they were Ahhhhhh-mazzzing!!!! Already booked for next month! Thank you again ladies!
Marianne Mazzo
Marianne Mazzo
Tonia is the absolute best for microblading and many other services! I highly recommend!