Lashing Out Studio

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Firstly in order to make an appointment, we must have a card on file. If this is an issue for you, we respect that, but unfortunately, we will not be able to to take you on as a client.

Why must we have a card on file in order to make an appointment?

We need a card on file in the event our cancellation and rescheduling policy is violated so we can charge the necessary fees to cover the time that was blocked out for your appointment.

Fees keep us in business, and allow our Artists to have a steady and consistent income. This is an industry standard, especially for businesses that uphold the level of professionalism and quality we have worked so diligently in providing to our customers.

Long story short, we’re not your average business. We use the best products, we provide a beautiful, clean and alluring environment and our staff is educated, talented and professional.

With all that being said, we deserve a certain level of respect, and with that comes the understanding of our cancellation and rescheduling policies.

Our Policies are as follows:

  • Same day cancellations/rescheduling & no shows will be charged 100% per service.
  • Same day cancellations/rescheduling: First offense policy violators will only be charged 50% per service. If cancelling/rescheduling due to illness, policy violators will only be charged 50% per service. With that being said, original fees may still be implemented if same day cancelling/rescheduling due to illness becomes excessive.

  • No Shows: There is no waiving of fees, or decreased fee amounts of any kind for no shows.

  • We require 48 hours of notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. Failure to do so will result in a 50% cancellation or rescheduling fee per service.

  • Cancelling/rescheduling due to illness and/or first time offense policy violators without 48 hours of notice: As long as a Client is not cancelling/rescheduling the day of appointment(s) scheduled, we will waive the fee entirely. With that being said, fees may still be implemented if failure to give 48 hours of notice when cancelling/rescheduling becomes excessive.

  • Downgrading the cost of your service or services, on the day of your appointment(s) will result in paying 100% of the original amount scheduled. (In addition, we would appreciate 48 hours of notice when needing to downgrade the cost of a service, however no fee will be implemented as long as a downgrade does not occur on the day of appointment(s))

  • Our higher priced and longer duration services: We understand some of our services are higher in price, so we implemented a max fee charged per service to prevent an excessive fee amount charged for a service that did not take place. Below we will break down service categories and max fees that can be charged.

  • We will never charge a fee that exceeds the amount listed per Service Category. If being charged a percentage, the percentage is based on the original appointment amount, not the max chargeable fee amount. If being charged a percentage of original appointment amount, that amount will still not exceed the max chargable fees listed below.

Service Category

All PMU and Lash Extension Services: Max Chargeable Fee $150

All Skincare, Lash Lifts, Brow Laminations, Teeth Whitening, & Makeup Services: Max Chargeable Fee $100

Spray Tanning, Facial & Body Waxing, Weekend Lashes & Tinting: Max Chargeable Fee $50